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  Price Location Date Listed
1.Boat Listing Riot Booster 55 whitewater kayak & werner powerhou $500 LK FOREST PARK, WA 29 Apr 2012, 3:37 PM
2.Boat Listing Dagger Agent 6.2 $350 Bethlehem, Pa 4 Mar 2012, 4:55 PM
3.Boat Listing 2007 Riot Voyager kayak $575 ANDERSON, OH 7 Mar 2009, 9:36 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
RIOT KAYAK EDGE 14.5Eugene, OReugene.craigslist.org25 Apr 2017
RIOT KAYAK EDGE 14.5Portland, ORportland.craigslist.org25 Apr 2017
RIOT KAYAK EDGE 14.5Corvallis, ORcorvallis.craigslist.org25 Apr 2017
RIOT KAYAK EDGE 14.5Yakima, WAyakima.craigslist.org25 Apr 2017
RIOT KAYAK EDGE 14.5Salem, ORsalem.craigslist.org25 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakHarrisburg, PAharrisburg.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakBaltimore, MDbaltimore.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakLancaster, PAlancaster.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakReading, PAreading.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakYork, PAyork.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot Quest KayakState College, PApennstate.craigslist.org24 Apr 2017
Riot "Spirt" KayakAlbany, NYalbany.craigslist.org23 Apr 2017
Riot "Spirt" KayakUtica, NYutica.craigslist.org23 Apr 2017
Whitewater surf playboat kayak Riot Dominatrix 47Tampa, FLtampa.craigslist.org23 Apr 2017
Whitewater surf playboat kayak Riot Dominatrix 47Lakeland, FLlakeland.craigslist.org23 Apr 2017
Riot Nitro 58 KayakAlbany, NYalbany.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Riot Nitro 58 KayakHudson, NYhudsonvalley.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Riot Nitro 58 KayakNew Haven, CTnewhaven.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Riot KayakGreensboro, NCgreensboro.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Riot KayakBoone, NCboone.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Whitewater Kayak - Riot 55 Booster, incredible boatClarksville, TNclarksville.craigslist.org21 Apr 2017
Whitewater Kayak - Riot 55 Booster, incredible boatBowling Green, KYbgky.craigslist.org21 Apr 2017
Whitewater Kayak - Riot 55 Booster, incredible boatNashville, TNnashville.craigslist.org21 Apr 2017
Whitewater Kayak - Riot 55 Booster, incredible boatFlorence, ALshoals.craigslist.org21 Apr 2017
Riot Sea KayakNew York, NYnewyork.craigslist.org21 Apr 2017

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