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  Price Location Date Listed
1.Boat Listing Wanted Impex Force 3 $0 Beltsville, Md 23 Apr 2013, 6:13 PM
2.Boat Listing WANTED: Used Impex Irie, Hesper or similar Impex $0 BOSTON, MA 25 Jan 2013, 9:36 AM
3.Boat Listing Kayak wanted $2800 PORTLAND, OR 4 May 2012, 10:55 PM
4.Boat Listing Carbon Kevlar Impex Montauk-Brookline MA $2500 Brookline, Ma  7 Sep 2010, 4:19 PM
5.Boat Listing IMPEX Susquehanna 16.5 feet, Kevlar Kayak $2600 Shirley Center, Ma 8 May 2010, 11:05 PM
6.Boat Listing WANTED - Impex Mystic $1200 Washburn, Wi 1 Jan 2009, 5:40 AM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Fiberglass Impex Sea KayakSacramento, CAsacramento.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Fiberglass Impex Sea KayakMendocino, CAmendocino.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
2 Impex "Irie" 13.5 ft Fiberglass Kayaks w/paddles, PFDs. $1000 each/...Papillion, NEsvcs.ebay.com22 Apr 2017
Fiberglass Impex Sea KayakModesto, CAmodesto.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Fiberglass Impex Sea KayakChico, CAchico.craigslist.org22 Apr 2017
Impex Outer-Island KayakSheboygan, WIsheboygan.craigslist.org16 Apr 2017
Impex Outer-Island KayakJanesville, WIjanesville.craigslist.org16 Apr 2017
Impex Outer-Island KayakDubuque, IAdubuque.craigslist.org16 Apr 2017
Impex Outer-Island KayakMilwaukee, WImilwaukee.craigslist.org14 Apr 2017
Impex Outer-Island KayakMadison, WImadison.craigslist.org8 Apr 2017
Sea Kayak Impex CurrituckHarrisburg, PAharrisburg.craigslist.org7 Apr 2017
Sea Kayak Impex CurrituckBaltimore, MDbaltimore.craigslist.org7 Apr 2017
Sea Kayak Impex CurrituckYork, PAyork.craigslist.org7 Apr 2017
Sea Kayak Impex CurrituckAnnapolis, MDannapolis.craigslist.org7 Apr 2017
Sea Kayak Impex CurrituckMartinsburg, WVmartinsburg.craigslist.org7 Apr 2017
Impex Force Cat4 kayakHampton, VAnorfolk.craigslist.org2 Apr 2017
Impex Diamante KayakDenver, COdenver.craigslist.org30 Mar 2017
Impex Diamante KayakColorado Springs, COcosprings.craigslist.org30 Mar 2017
Impex Diamante KayakBoulder, COboulder.craigslist.org30 Mar 2017
Impex Diamante KayakPueblo, COpueblo.craigslist.org30 Mar 2017
Impex Diamante KayakFort Collins, COfortcollins.craigslist.org30 Mar 2017
Impex Hesper Kayak, Paddle and Car RackMadison, WImadison.craigslist.org29 Mar 2017
Impex Hesper Kayak, Paddle, Car RackMadison, WImadison.craigslist.org29 Mar 2017
Impex Hesper Kayak, Paddle, Car RackMilwaukee, WImilwaukee.craigslist.org29 Mar 2017
Impex Hesper Kayak, Paddle and Car RackMilwaukee, WImilwaukee.craigslist.org29 Mar 2017

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