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  Price Location Date Listed
1.Boat Listing Folbot Super TSK Kayak $600 Lititz, PA 1 Jun 2016, 4:04 PM
2.Boat Listing Folbot 17' rigid 1970's model $250 Lake Hamilton, Ar 29 Mar 2016, 2:05 PM
3.Boat Listing Folbot $350 KERNERSVILLE, NC 9 May 2015, 1:12 PM
4.Boat Listing 2 17\' Folbot \"Super\" Folding Kayaks Vintage for $150 FENTON, MO 7 Jun 2011, 5:54 PM
5.Boat Listing Used Folbot Aleut $600 Louisville, Ky 12 May 2011, 3:08 PM
6.Boat Listing Folbot super with sail $0 NEW TAZEWELL, TN 11 May 2011, 6:21 PM
7.Boat Listing WTB Folbot single $0 NORFOLK, VA 14 Mar 2011, 10:27 AM
8.Boat Listing Wanted - Folbot Kayak $1 Stoughton, Wi 12 Mar 2011, 4:04 PM
9.Boat Listing \"Vintage\" 1984 Folbot $450 Danville, Ca 25 Sep 2010, 9:10 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Folbot Lightweight Kayak Boat 2 Bags to AssembleHarrisburg, PAharrisburg.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot Lightweight Kayak Boat 2 Bags to AssembleBaltimore, MDbaltimore.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot 2-Person Kayak with an Expedition Sail; the Greenland II modelWenatchee, WAwenatchee.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot Lightweight Kayak Boat 2 Bags to AssembleLancaster, PAlancaster.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot Lightweight Kayak Boat 2 Bags to AssembleReading, PAreading.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot Lightweight Kayak Boat 2 Bags to AssembleYork, PAyork.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot 2-Person Kayak with an Expedition Sail; the Greenland II modelYakima, WAyakima.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot 2-Person Kayak with an Expedition Sail; the Greenland II modelSeattle, WAseattle.craigslist.org29 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakIthaca, NYithaca.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakSyracuse, NYsyracuse.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakElmira, NYelmira.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakUtica, NYutica.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakBinghamton, NYbinghamton.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot KayakRochester, NYrochester.craigslist.org28 Apr 2017
Folbot Kayak For SaleOmaha, NEomaha.craigslist.org27 Apr 2017
Folbot Kayak For SaleIowa City, IAiowacity.craigslist.org27 Apr 2017
Folbot Kayak For SaleAmes, IAames.craigslist.org27 Apr 2017
Folbot Kayak For SaleDes Moines, IAdesmoines.craigslist.org27 Apr 2017
Folbot Kayak For SaleWaterloo, IAwaterloo.craigslist.org27 Apr 2017
Kayak, Folbot, Greenland IIGoodyear, AZsvcs.ebay.com27 Apr 2017
Folbot super 17 foldable double kayakSeattle, WAsvcs.ebay.com27 Apr 2017
Vintage Kayak Paddles, Folbot 2 piece, 54", Good Condition.Meadville, PAsvcs.ebay.com27 Apr 2017
FOLBOT folding tandem KayakGalveston, TXgalveston.craigslist.org26 Apr 2017
FOLBOT folding tandem KayakBeaumont, TXbeaumont.craigslist.org26 Apr 2017
FOLBOT folding tandem KayakVictoria, TXvictoriatx.craigslist.org26 Apr 2017

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