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  Price Location Distance (miles) Date Listed
1.Boat Listing Jackson 2Fun $500 CLACKAMAS, OR 919 Jun 2014, 6:30 PM
3.Boat Listing Fiberglass Kayak - Wilderness System Tsunami 175 P $1800 PORTLAND, OR 29 Jul 2012, 1:13 PM
4.Boat Listing Kayak wanted $2800 PORTLAND, OR 34 May 2012, 10:55 PM
5.Boat Listing WANTED-Hurricane Tampico 140 L $0 Portland, OR 32 Nov 2011, 6:50 PM
6.Boat Listing Feathercraft K-1 Expedition + extras $1500! $1500 PORTLAND, OR 310 Sep 2011, 2:34 PM
7.Boat Listing Malibu Mini-X Kayak $500 Tualatin, Or 1231 Jul 2011, 7:19 PM
8.Boat Listing $0 319 May 2011, 11:34 PM
9.Boat Listing WANTED - Electra Ghost Canoe $0 Portland, Or 926 Jul 2010, 10:34 AM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Yakima Sweetroll Kayak Carriers (2)-brand newPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 85 KayakPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Expedition Fishing kayakPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Kayak carrier: Bow Down J-rackPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Kayak RackPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
13'4" OCEAN KAYAKPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
New Price Canoe 16' Camo Poly w/ accessoriesPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
15Ft Coleman Canoe RAM XPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
13 foot coleman canoePortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Poly Canoe with extras new pricePortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Solo Canoe: Mad River SlipperPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Like New Sevylor Reo Inflatable Canoe, Pump, Patch KitPortland, ORportland.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Kayak paddle double sided comes apartSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
$35 Salem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
14' Aquaterra kayakSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
REDUCED Wilderness Systems Kayak x2: 16' Alto w/rudder, 14' PungoSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Sweetroll Kayak Carriers (2)-brand newSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Expedition Fishing kayakSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Kayak carrier: Bow Down J-rackSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 85 KayakSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
13'4" OCEAN KAYAKSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Kayak RackSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
New Price Canoe 16' Camo Poly w/ accessoriesSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Like New Sevylor Reo Inflatable Canoe, Pump, Patch KitSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Solo Canoe: Mad River SlipperSalem, ORsalem.craigslist.org26 May 2017

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