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  Price Location Distance (miles) Date Listed
1.Equip. Listing Wanted: skirt for Perception Dancer $0 CROCKETT, CA 224 Mar 2016, 10:44 AM
2.Equip. Listing Klepper Aerius II parts $12 CROCKETT, CA 2226 Jan 2015, 2:19 AM
3.Boat Listing Tyne tandem folding kayak - SOLD $85 Crockett, Ca 2226 Jan 2015, 2:12 AM
4.Boat Listing \"Vintage\" 1984 Folbot $450 Danville, Ca 2525 Sep 2010, 9:10 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Kayak 15 footSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Kayak for twoSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Yakima Kayak Rack System (4' ft round bars)San Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Pedal Fishing KayakSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Ocean Kayak - Malibu (for two)San Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017 Canoe (new)San Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Solo Canoe: Mad River SlipperSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Aluminum Grumman CanoeSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Mad River " Explorer 17" CanoeBerkeley, CAsvcs.ebay.com26 May 2017
CANOE " MAD RIVER, EXPLORER 17"Berkeley, CAsvcs.ebay.com26 May 2017
Hypalon SOAR Pro Pioneer inflatable raft for saleSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Sea Kayak, P & H Capella for saleSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
10' Pelicon fishing kayakSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Inflatable Tandem Kayak - Advanced Elements AE 1007-RSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Sea Nymph Aluminum CanoeSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
16' Dolphin Fiberglass CanoeSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Canoe 16 Foot We-No-Nah Fibreglass Canoe With New Paddles & 2 Cushions...San Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org26 May 2017
16' Seayak Prijon Sea KayakSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
$80 San Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Kayak | Perception Corona 14 Foot w/ rudderSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Sport Crab Pot Kayak, Inflatable, PierSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
OCEAN KAYAK 12' Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top KayakSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
14ft Coleman canoeSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Paddle - hand madeSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Canoe - classic GreenwoodSan Francisco, CAsfbayarea.craigslist.org25 May 2017

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