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  Price Location Distance (miles) Date Listed
1.Equip. Listing Wanted: skirt for Perception Dancer $0 CROCKETT, CA 224 Mar 2016, 10:44 AM
2.Equip. Listing Klepper Aerius II parts $12 CROCKETT, CA 2226 Jan 2015, 2:19 AM
3.Boat Listing Tyne tandem folding kayak - SOLD $85 Crockett, Ca 2226 Jan 2015, 2:12 AM
4.Boat Listing \"Vintage\" 1984 Folbot $450 Danville, Ca 2525 Sep 2010, 9:10 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Boats Anyone Can Build - Popular Science - 1947Oakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com20 Nov 2017
2012 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 KayakSunnyvale, CAsvcs.ebay.com16 Nov 2017
Vintage Navajo Brand Short Wooden Paddle Canoe Kayak Graphics Wood Petaluma, CAsvcs.ebay.com11 Nov 2017
Adventure Technologies Kayak Paddle, 196cm, Yellow and GraySan Jose, CAsvcs.ebay.com8 Nov 2017
Iron Fist - The Lives of Carl Kiekhaefer (Mercury Outboards) by Rodeng...Oakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com7 Nov 2017
2017 Wilderness Systems Radar 135 Kayak w/Helix PD Pedal Drive midnigh...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com3 Nov 2017
OLD TOWN GUIDE'S SPECIAL MODEL 16 ft Thermoformed Polyethylene CANOENapa, CAsvcs.ebay.com2 Nov 2017
11 Rosemary Calder collector plates-Memories of the Western Prairies '...Napa, CAsvcs.ebay.com2 Nov 2017
Quick Blade qb Bent Carbon Racing Canoe Outrigger PaddleSan Jose, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 Oct 2017
Dagger Outburst Kayak + GearWalnut Creek, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 Oct 2017
Kayak - CobraRedwood City, CAsvcs.ebay.com20 Oct 2017
2000 Folbot Greenland II with Sailing Kit and Spray SkirtsLivermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com19 Oct 2017
Epic Kayak Paddle Blade Cover SOCK Surf Ski and WrenchConcord, CAsvcs.ebay.com14 Oct 2017
Canoe building supplies. Form for 16-ft canvas-cedar chestnut canoe;...Californiawww.gregcons.com13 Oct 2017
2017 Wilderness Systems Radar 135 Kayak w/Helix PD Pedal Drive - Sonar...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com11 Oct 2017
Tandem Kayak - CobraRedwood City, CAsvcs.ebay.com11 Oct 2017
The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America - Adney & Chappelle - ...Oakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com6 Oct 2017
Wood and Canvas Kayak Building by George Putz - SoftboundOakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com5 Oct 2017
Fine Boat Finishes for Wood and Fiberglass Boats - Butler - SoftboundOakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com5 Oct 2017
2017 Wilderness Systems Radar 135 Kayak w/Helix PD Pedal Drive -midnig...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com4 Oct 2017
Two Hobie pro angler 12 kayaks with TrailerFremont, CAsvcs.ebay.com3 Oct 2017
Liquid Logic Remix 59 - whitewater kayak for sale, very good conditio...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 Sep 2017
Kayak 17' Chesapeake CLC BoatsSan Anselmo, CAsvcs.ebay.com24 Sep 2017
NDK Explorer LV Kayak (Sea Kayak) Color: Red/White Material: Fiberglas...Livermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com17 Sep 2017
Wilderness Systems DEMO Focus 155 Kayak Color: Mango Material: Plastic...Livermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com16 Sep 2017

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