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  Price Location Distance (miles) Date Listed
1.Equip. Listing Wanted: skirt for Perception Dancer $0 CROCKETT, CA 224 Mar 2016, 10:44 AM
2.Equip. Listing Klepper Aerius II parts $12 CROCKETT, CA 2226 Jan 2015, 2:19 AM
3.Boat Listing Tyne tandem folding kayak - SOLD $85 Crockett, Ca 2226 Jan 2015, 2:12 AM
4.Boat Listing \"Vintage\" 1984 Folbot $450 Danville, Ca 2525 Sep 2010, 9:10 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
NDK Explorer LV Kayak (Sea Kayak) Color: Red/White Material: Fiberglas...Livermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com17 Sep 2017
Wilderness Systems DEMO Focus 155 Kayak Color: Mango Material: Plastic...Livermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com16 Sep 2017
NDK Explorer Kayak (Sea Kayak) Color: Yellow/Red/White Material: Fiber...Livermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com16 Sep 2017
Valley Etain 17-7 Kayak (Sea Kayak) Material: FiberglassLivermore, CAsvcs.ebay.com14 Sep 2017
WERNER CARBON FIBER KAYAK PADDLEOakland, CAsvcs.ebay.com11 Sep 2017
1987 Mariner XL model ocean kayak by Northwest Kayaks, 17 feet longMill Valley, CAsvcs.ebay.com11 Sep 2017
----vintage antique canoeSan Mateo, CAsvcs.ebay.com8 Sep 2017
Klepper Aerius II double expedition kayakSan Rafael, CAsvcs.ebay.com2 Sep 2017
Epic Mid Wing Full Carbon Paddle 205-215 sizeVacaville, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 Aug 2017
Two-Piece Folbot Wood Paddles for Kayak 55" as Canoe Paddle or 107" fo...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 Aug 2017
Rare vintage 1930s American US Wooden school teacher's SPANKING paddle...Mill Valley, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 Aug 2017
Epic Mid Wing Full Carbon Paddle 210-220 sizeVacaville, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 Aug 2017
Feathercraft K-Light Plus Kayak, folding kayak, skin kayak, light port...San Anselmo, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 Aug 2017
4 Piece Lendal Kinetik Paddle, Carbon Blade/Shaft, 215, Varilock, Bent...Redwood City, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 Aug 2017
vintage 1930s American US high school teacher's SPANKING paddle - sign...Mill Valley, CAsvcs.ebay.com27 Aug 2017
Enlightened Kayak 16 FT Local Pickup onlySanta Rosa, CAsvcs.ebay.com26 Aug 2017
Sea KayaksSunnyvale, CAsvcs.ebay.com25 Aug 2017
Two-PieceFolbot Wood Paddles for Kayak 55" as Canoe Paddle or 107" for...San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com21 Aug 2017
1938 OLD TOWN 18' SPONSON CANOESonoma, CAsvcs.ebay.com20 Aug 2017
Old Town Discovery 174 Canoe Bundle - Paddles, Chairs, Flotation, Roof...Walnut Creek, CAsvcs.ebay.com13 Aug 2017
Old Town Discovery 174 Canoe Bundle - Paddles, Canoe Chairs, Vests, Cu...Walnut Creek, CAsvcs.ebay.com12 Aug 2017
Wood Strip Fiberglass Kayak 18 feet Cedar and Redwood Custom Built, Be...Corte Madera, CAsvcs.ebay.com6 Aug 2017
FOLBOT Wood Kayak Paddle VINTAGE 2 PIECES 55'-106" LENGTH. San Francisco, CAsvcs.ebay.com1 Aug 2017
Double Sling Kayak Canoe Storage Rack System Strap Hanger Wall Folding...Santa Rosa, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 Jul 2017
Wood Strip Fiberglass Kayak 18 feet Redwood Beautiful CustomCorte Madera, CAsvcs.ebay.com24 Jul 2017

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