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1.Boat Listing Wave Sport Ethos 10 $700 Centerton, Ar 03 Feb 2015, 8:34 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Custom Built Canoe RackBella Vista, ARsvcs.ebay.com21 Jul 2017
Vintage Boat Paddle 30" Distress Signal "Up What Creek"Lowell, ARsvcs.ebay.com20 Jul 2017
Wood strip canoeBentonville, ARsvcs.ebay.com16 Jul 2017
Hobie Kayak Paddle Fiberglass Shaft 7'6" length Adjustable Blade Angle...Fayetteville, ARsvcs.ebay.com28 Jun 2017
Ascend 10t Fishing Kayak never used whiteFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Power fishing kayakFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Ascend FS 10 KayakFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Old town otter kayakFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
$425 Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Canoe- lowe lineFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
$1995 Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
8 Hauler Canoe Trailer with extra StorageFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Native Ultimate 14.5 solo/tandem Kayak w/ rudderFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
***8Ft Pelican Kayak***Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Kayak,Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Kayak. Sundolphin Journey 10 SSFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org26 May 2017
Sun Dolphin 10' Kayak with Paddle - $160 OBOFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
10ft Ascend Fishing KayakFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Lancer Kayak (Orange)Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
$165 Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Jakson Kayak Big TunaFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
$1600 Fayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Jackson Kayak Big TunaFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
Pelican Explorer DLX CanoeFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017
16 ft CanoeFayetteville, ARfayar.craigslist.org25 May 2017

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