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  Price Location Distance (miles) Date Listed
1.Boat Listing Lifetime Monterey kayak with sail $350 TAMPA, FL 64 Dec 2017, 4:42 PM
2.Boat Listing Stellar SEL - Excel Layup $2200 TAMPA, FL 27 May 2015, 1:06 PM
3.Boat Listing P & H Kayak Capella 163 $2200 SAINT PETERSBURG, FL 1630 Aug 2011, 1:10 PM
4.Boat Listing Aire Tributary Sawtooth I inflatable kayak $600 TAMPA, FL 73 Oct 2010, 9:16 PM
5.Boat Listing Valley Skerray Excel Kayak with Carbon Fiber Lenda $600 Sarasota Florida 4624 May 2009, 1:54 PM
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Listing Link Location Web Site Date
Old Town kayak, Lettmann Mark IV, whitewaterBrooksville, FLsvcs.ebay.com25 Feb 2018
Lifetime Kayak Adult Elite Double Paddle Blade 86" Black Canoe Paddle ...Saint Petersburg, FLsvcs.ebay.com25 Feb 2018
Hobie kayak mirage drive v2 with turbo fins Dover, FLsvcs.ebay.com23 Feb 2018
fishing KayakNew Port Richey, FLsvcs.ebay.com20 Feb 2018
Lifetime Tahoma Kayak w/ Paddles , Lime GreenApollo Beach, FLsvcs.ebay.com20 Feb 2018
KAYAK CART J4020 with LARGE BALLOON TIRES Lightweight All-Terrain + Pu...Hudson, FLsvcs.ebay.com20 Feb 2018
Kayak inflatable sit-on-top SevylorTampa, FLsvcs.ebay.com15 Feb 2018
Antique Mayan Indian Dug Out CanoeSaint Petersburg, FLsvcs.ebay.com11 Feb 2018
perception pescador kayak Bradenton, FLsvcs.ebay.com10 Feb 2018
Wenonah Canoe PrismNew Port Richey, FLsvcs.ebay.com9 Feb 2018
10.6 ft Deluxe Trophy 126 Angler Fishing KayakSpring Hill, FLsvcs.ebay.com9 Feb 2018
USED HOBIE MIRAGE ECLIPSE SUP STAND UP PEDALBOARD BLUE 12.0Saint Petersburg, FLsvcs.ebay.com7 Feb 2018
Hobie "Outback" Kayaks - 2 Bradenton, FLsvcs.ebay.com4 Feb 2018
Antique Indian Dug Out CanoeSaint Petersburg, FLsvcs.ebay.com2 Feb 2018
Antique Indian Dug Out CanoeSaint Petersburg, FLsvcs.ebay.com2 Feb 2018
hurricane tampico 135 touring kayakClearwater, FLsvcs.ebay.com1 Feb 2018
Manatee 10 Solo KayakTampa, FLsvcs.ebay.com1 Feb 2018
Epic GPX Performance KayakClearwater, FLsvcs.ebay.com31 Jan 2018
2016 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17 Tandem KayakOldsmar, FLsvcs.ebay.com28 Jan 2018
Aquabound MantaRay Aluminum Paddle 240cm 2pc Kayak Paddle Yellow blade...Seminole, FLsvcs.ebay.com27 Jan 2018
Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Tampa, FLsvcs.ebay.com25 Jan 2018
Beat sit-on-top kayakHoliday, FLsvcs.ebay.com24 Jan 2018
1973 Les Canots Tremblay CanoePinellas Park, FLsvcs.ebay.com24 Jan 2018
Folbot Greenland II 2-Person folding kayak. Ready to PaddleLargo, FLsvcs.ebay.com21 Jan 2018
72 Inch Paddle (Single) With Plastic Grip For DisplayBrooksville, FLsvcs.ebay.com18 Jan 2018

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