360. RTM Tempo SOT 15'

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French made RTM Tempo sit-on-top kayak. Orange/yellow.

The Tempo is an efficient long distance touring kayak. Stable and comfortable with a length of 15 feet it has excellent tracking and speed. A great diving and fishing platform. Suitable for big size paddlers

Length 15' Width 26" Weight 56 lbs Weight Capacity 305 lbs

Full details from the manufacturer here:


The specifications are all in metric but you can use Google to do the conversions.

RTM purchased the rights to "remanufacture" the Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro. They made a couple of minor changes but kept the great design. The difference is that the RTM Tempo has better fittings, and a little less rocker which improves the tracking. One other big upgrade on the Tempo (from the Scupper Pro) is that the rear scupper holes are in the rear tank well not the seat. So you have a DRY SEAT AREA.

It is effortless to paddle and is quite stable for a kayak that is 26" wide.

The Tempo is 15' long and is priced way under most competitors 15' kayaks.

It's large bow hatch provides good storage. The Tempo is ideal for men and women.

The Tempo incorporates all the innovative features that are the hallmark of RTM sit on tops: water resistant molded in gear straps and accessory rings, self bailing recessed standard sized scupper holes, built in keel for tracking and wide shoulders for stability. RTM kayaks are produced using Metalocene Polyethylene (PEHD), which is both recyclable and UV resistant.

Stability is excellent. The sides are shallow enough that it can be a wet ride in really rough water. Other than that, it is a dry boat. Sitting sidesaddle is quite comfortable. The front hatch is the easiest to access of any kayak I have been around, and the hatch is huge. No problem at all getting into it, and it holds a ton of gear.

These boats are very popular in South Africa where they are used by scuba and snorkle divers. The well in the back is designed ..to hold your scuba tank and gear. Or a small child. :-P

This one is in very very good condition. Here are some pictures. Unfortunately these don't show the seat or the net that goes over the back compartment. The seat is an upgraded top-of-the line model that I got from Austin Kayak. I can send you photos if you are interested. I have scupper plugs (one pair of plugs and one pair of ping pong balls) for the boat.

This is a very fast SOT...maybe the fastest SOT every sold. Stable - definitely could be outfitted for fishing. Again this is a popular kayak in Florida. Lot of guys use it in the Gulf or the Ocean for fishing. It will get you there fast. Well in the back can be used to store a cooler for the fish etc. It is significantly lighter than WS Tarpon 14 etc. And definitely faster. I also paddle a 14.5 Carolina Airalite......a fast 15 foot expedition boat. I am amazed at the speed I can get in the Tempo. It feels more like a light touring kayak than a sit-on-top

Check out these reviews on Paddling.net:

Google RTM Tempo and select video. There are several videos of the Tempo slicing through the surf or outfitted for fishing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfQntltKkKg (how's yer French?)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j8YeoCAdNY (or yer Spanish?)

and here's a 14 minute video focused on the RTM as a fishing kayak.

Length 15' Width 26" Weight 56 lbs Weight Capacity 305 lbs

Status: For Sale
Date Listed: 16 May 2015 11:08:17 PM
Make: Other / Custom
Model: Tempo
Boat Type: Kayak
Capacity: 1
Uses: Recreational, Fishing
Construction: Plastic
Worthington, Oh
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